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WTF 'Blue Frame' Stickers

WTF 'Blue Frame' Stickers

The WTF Stickers are permanent, customizable stickers that are suitable for outdoor use due to their excellent adhesion on various surfaces and their strong resistance to water. The "egg shell" composition makes removing them almost impossible. They break apart into a thousand pieces!


The 'Blue Frame' features the classic "label template" design, bringing back the aesthetic of the lifelong labels that you fill in yourself to name any type of object, folder, mailbox or canned food, just to give a few examples. This is yet another type of adhesive label that graffiti has appropriated as a bombing tool.


  • 50 unidades
  • Rotulador incluido
  • 2.6 x 3.9 in
  • Egg shell (se rompen al intentar retirarlas)
  • Resistentes al agua
  • Adheribles en cualquier superficie
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